Gummy Gel – 50g Tub

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How to Apply Gummy Gel ?

  • Sanitise Nails
  • Prep Nails
  • Size up Protract Tips and etch the inside with efile zebra band , wipe away dust ,any dust left can cause separation.
  • Apply Nail dehydrator
  • Apply Nail Primer
  • Apply Builder Base – Cure 30 seconds
  • Apply Gummy to tip using clean tip or cuticle pusher – do not apply a lot  – this will cause excess at tip and flooding near Skin.
  • Apply 40degree angle down pushing out towards end of nail. If you have excess around skin ,wipe away with isopropyl alcohol, be careful applying too much alcohol this can cause product to break down under tip , leaving excess gummy gel can cause lifting and allergies . Hold nail firm and quick cure 15 seconds
  • Full Cure 120 seconds

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