Skylar No Wipe Topcoat – Cat Eye (Needs Magnet to Create Effect) (S5-C)

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LCG Skylar Topcoat is the most unique topcoat ever ! It is a no wipe topcoat, with diamond and cat eye effect in one. It also has an added bonus of being Hema free, great for those with allergies. Its Amazing and our most popular topcoat! This topcoat is a no wipe topcoat meaning you don’t need to wipe off sticky layer saving you time and money. Our LCG High-shine topcoat comes in a 15ml bottle.

This topcoat needs a cat eye magnet , hold magnet close to uncured topcoat and watch the effect occur, the closer you hold magnet the better the effect. Make sure you quickly cure , taking time can cause cat eye to loose effect. to view the amazing diamond effect, turn on flash on your camera and see the diamond magic appear.

Allow the topcoat to cool prior to applying cuticle oils, this will prevent dulling shine. Ensure all your gel products is stored in a dark area and used away from any form of UV light including Table Lamps, Curing Lamps, Windows, doors.

Avoid skin contact at all times, this can cause skin reactions and allergies . Do not swallow and seek medical advise if skin irritation or allergies occur.

Do not place items near flame as items are flammable

Lamp Cure Time 60sec – 48 watt Led lamp

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